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- Dec. 1 -

Pictures of Lectures (afternoon)

1:00-2:30  B. Barbara (Louis Neel Lab.) (abst)  (ppt)
   Quantum magnetism:from large spin molecules to single ions

3:00-3:50  S. Miyashita (Univ. Tokyo)  (abst)  (ppt)
   Magnetic Foehn effect and Hysteresis loop in the magnetization process of V15

-coffee break-

4:10-5:00  H. Nojiri (Okayama Univ)  (abst)  (ppt)
   Asymmetric magnetization process in ultra-fast sweeping fields

5:20-6:10  Y. Ajiro (Kyusyu Univ.) (abst)  (transparency)
   ESR study on molecular magnets V15

- Dec. 2 -

Pictures of Lectures ( morning  afternoon)

9:00-9:50  F. Borsa (Ames Lab.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   NMR relaxation at level crossing in molecular magnets

-coffee break-

10:30-11:10  S. Maegawa (Kyoto Univ.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Spin dynamics in molecular magnetic ring studied by NMR

11:10-11:40  M. Ueda (Kyoto Univ.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Magnetic Properties and QTM in Fe8 Molecular Nanomagnet

-tea ceremony ( 1  2  3 )-

2:20-3:10  T. Goto (Kyoto Univ.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Studies of spin dynamics and magnetization behavior in molecular cluster magnets by nuclear magnetic resonance and relaxation

3:40-4:30  T. Kubo (Nara Univ. of education)  (abst)  (transparency)
   55Mn NMR in molecular magnets Mn12: Quantum tunneling and relaxation of magnetization

-coffee break-

5:00-5:50  Y. Furukawa (Hokkaido Univ.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Quantum tunneling of the magnetization in the magnetic cluster Fe$_8$ detected by NMR

- Dec. 3 -

Pictures of Lectures ( morning  afternoon)

9:00-9:50  I. Chiorescu (Delft Univ. of Technology)  (abst)  (pdf)
   Coherent states at work in superconducting flux-qubits

-coffee break-

10:20-11:10  Y. Kayanuma (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Theory for ferromagnetism induced by spin-carriers in diluted magnetic semiconductors

11:30-12:20  B. J. Suh (Catholic Univ. of Korea)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Internal Transverse Anisotropy in Mn12-Ac and Mn12 PrCl and Its role on the Quantum tunneling of Magnetization

-coffee break-

1:40-2:30  M. Luban (Ames Lab.)  (abst.pdf)  (transparency)
   Low temperature critical slowing-down in classical and quantum Heisenberg magnetic molecules

2:50-3:40  K. Awaga (Nagoya Univ.)  (abst)  (ppt)
   Quantum spin systems in Molecule-based Magnetic Materials

4:20-5:10  H. Oshio (Tsukuba Univ.)  (abst.pdf)  (ppt)
   Syntheses of high-spin molecules

5:30-6:10  H. Nakano (Himeji Institute of Technology)  (abst.pdf)  (ppt)
   Alternating Antisymmetric Interaction in Nanoscale Iron Ring

-Dec. 4-

Pictures of Lectures (morning)

9:00-9:50  S. Ramasesha (Indian institute of science)  (abst)  (transparency)
   Exact low-lying states and nondissipative quantum dynamics in single molecule magnets

-coffee break-

10:00-10:50  K. Yamaguchi (Osaka Univ.) (abst)
   Lecture on the quantum dynamics of molecular magnets