Nov. 5th (Mon), 2007

Title Presentation
Kazuo Kitahara Fluctuation and Relaxation of Macroscopic Variables PowerPoint | pdf
Christopher Jarzynski Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics at the Microscale pdf
Shin-ichi Sasa Thermodynamics, Fluctuations, and Response for Systems Driven out of Equilibrium PowerPoint | pdf
Masaki Oshikawa Electron Spin Resonance and Quantum Dynamics PowerPoint | pdf
Hiroyuki Nojiri Dynamical Behavior of Spin Ring and Spin Polyhedron in Time Depending Magnetic Fields pdf
Seiji Miyashita Quantum Response in Dissipative Environments PowerPoint | pdf
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Beyond Linear Response: What Do We Learn from Higher Order Correlations? pdf
Yoshitaka Tanimura Calculating Nonlinear Response Functions from a Gaussian-Markovian Quantum Fokker-Planck Equations Approach PowerPoint | pdf
Tohru Okamoto Spin-Related Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Quantum Hall Systems PowerPoint | pdf

Nov. 6th (Tue), 2007

Title Presentation
U. Schollwöck Simulating Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium pdf
Keiichiro Nasu Early Stage of Graphite-Diamond Structural Phase Transition Induced by Inter-Layer Charge Transfer Excitations in the Visible Region pdf
Naomichi Hatano Resonant Conduction through Mesoscopic Systems PowerPoint | pdf
Hideo Aoki Linear-Response Theory for the Quantum Hall Effect -- Past, Present and Future -- pdf
Yasutomo J. Uemura Quantum Phase Transitions in MnSi, (Sr,Ca)RuO3, HTSC and Frustrated Spin Systems
Kimio Tsubono Thermal Noise in Gravitational-Wave Experiments pdf
Yoshinori Tokura Toward Electrical Control of Magnetism pdf
Takashi Oka Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems PowerPoint | pdf
Hiroshi Takano Relaxation Mode Analysis of Slow Dynamics

Nov. 7th (Wed), 2007

Title Presentation
Michael Wilkinson Semilinear Response PowerPoint | pdf
Keiji Saito Symmetry in Full-Counting Statistics, Fluctuation Theorem and Measurable Relations in Nonlinear Electron Tansport under a Magnetic Field
Osamu Sugino Electrode Dynamics at Platinum-Water interface PowerPoint | pdf
Hans De Raedt Relaxation and Decoherence in Quantum Spin Systems PowerPoint | pdf
Ryo Shimano Terahertz Electromagnetic Responses of Photo-excited High Density Electron-Hole System in Semiconductors pdf
Masaru Onoda Intrinsic Hall Effects of Electrons and Photons -- Geometrical Phenomena in Linear Response Theory PowerPoint | pdf