This Symposium

This workshop is the 5th in the series of international COE21 workshops.
Previous workshops were devoted the discussions to the particle physics and cosmology in 2003, the condensed matter physics in 2004, the laser and optical sciences in 2005, and the high energy universe in February 2005.
This coming workshop is primarily planned for nonlinear sciences, which consists of invited talks along with a poster session for young researchers.

Scope and Topics

Nonlinear dynamics has become increasingly important part of physics.
This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together scientists
of various generations, and to discuss the perspectives in nonlinear physics.

The workshop focuses on the following topics;

Recent advances in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics,
Integrable and non-integrable dynamical systems,
Exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics,
Glassy dynamics and disordered systems,
Quantum spin systems,
Collective dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates,
Nonlinear dynamics in plasma and fluids,
Molecular biophysics,
Dynamical aspects of biological systems.

Invited speakers (in alphabetical order)

M. Batchelor (Mathematical Science Institute, Australian National University, Australia)
A. Kluemper (Wuppertal University, Germany)
J. Kurchan (Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles, France)
S. Inouye (Tokyo University)
H. Takayama (Tokyo University)
D. Thirumalai (Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, USA)
E. Vincent (Service de Physique de l’Etat Condens, CEA Saclay, France)
G. Zaslavsky (Courant Institute, New York University, USA)

Speakers from COE

A. Kuniba (Tokyo University)
K. Kuwajima (Tokyo University)
S. Miyashita (Tokyo University)
M. Sano (Tokyo University)
M. Takahashi (Tokyo University)
Y. Takase (Tokyo University)
M. Wadati (Tokyo University)

Speakers from Young COE Researchers

Y. Murayama
K. Takahashi
K. Saito
K. Sakai


Free for all the partcipants.


A buffet-style party will be held as follows.
Date and time: p.m.6:00, November 21 (Tue.), 2006
Place: Sanjo Kaikan Hall (Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo)

Poster Size

Smaller than 112 cm(W) x 172 cm(H)

Organizing Committee

Miki Wadati (Chairperson)
Atsuo Kuniba
Kunihiro Kuwajima
Seiji Miyashita
Masaki Sano
Minoru Takahashi
Yuichi Takase