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The workshop "Dynamics and Manipulation of Quantum Systems"
will be held

Due to recent developments of experimental methods, explicit real time quantum dynamics has become accessible. The coherent time evolution of quantum states has novel and seminal properties. We study various aspects of quantum dynamics. Observation of the coherent spin dynamics and also the manipulation of energy-level populations have been achieved in molecular magnets, microscopic electric circuits, optical lattices, etc. In particular, resonance and tunneling phenomena play an important role and add to the characteristic features of the quantum dynamics. In strongly coupled quantum systems interesting cooperative processes take place and novel dynamics appears at quantum phase transitions. Fundamental concepts of quantum states, such as the entanglement, must be understood clearly. The mechanism of decoherence is also an important issue. Concerning quantum information processing, the control of local quantum states and measurements of them are mandatory, for which we need to introduce new experimental arrangements and deeper understanding of the processes. Moreover, 'quantum simulation' (realization of interesting quantum phenomena in a controlled quantum system) would open a new field of study of quantum systems for which the study of real time quantum dynamics is essential. As a new type of information processing, the 'quantum annealing method' has attracted interest. The fundamental properties and also applications of the method have been developed recently. This workshop is planned to discuss these new aspects of quantum dynamics.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss interesting phenomena of quantum dynamics
such as and so on. In particular, we explore new aspects of real-time dynamics of quantum phenomena.

Invite speakers except for the organizers (confirmed):