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Oral Presentations

Monday, 20 October
9:15-9:20S. Miyashita Opening
9:20-9:45M. Suzuki (Tokyo U. of Science) Stochastic Resonance in Quantum Systems
9:45-10:35B. Barbara (Néel Institut, CNRS-UJF) Tunneling and Coherence of Mesoscopic Spins
10:35-11:00coffee break
11:00-11:50I. Chiorescu (Florida State U.rsity) Single and Multi-Photon Quantum Control of Diluted Spins
11:50-12:40Y. Takahashi (Dept. Phys., Kyoto U.) Quantum Degenerate Gases of Ytterbium Atoms in an Optical Lattice
14:20-15:10N. Hatano (Inst. of Industrial Science, U. Tokyo) Quantum Resonance and Electronic Conduction in Mesoscopic Systems
15:10-16:00Y. Teranishi (Inst. of Molecular Science, National Chiao-Tung U.) Conveyance of Quantum Particles by a Moving Potential Well with Acceleration
16:00-16:25coffee break
16:25-17:15H. De Raedt (Zernike Inst. for Applied Materials, U. Groningen) Quantum Spin Dynamics and Boole's Conditions of Possible Experience
17:15-17:40S. Yamamoto (Dept. Phys., Hokkaido U.) Nonlinear Lattice Dynamics of Photoexcited Diplatinum-Halide Chain Compounds
17:40-18:05H. Aoki (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Mott-to-Superfluid Transition in Bose-Einstein Condensation in Optical Lattices
18:05-18:30T. Byrnes (National Inst. of Informatics) Quantum Simulation of the Fermi-Hubbard Model in Semiconductor Quantum Dot Arrays
Tuesday, 21 October
9:20-10:10M. Wubs (U. Copenhagen) Quantum State Preparation and Readout with Landau-Zener Sweeps in Circuit QED
10:10-11:00T. M. Nieuwenhuizen (U. Amsterdam) Exactly Solvable Model for the Dynamics of a Quantum Measurement
11:00-11:25coffee break
11:25-11:50C. Uchiyama (U. Yamanashi) A Master Equation Approach to Line Shape in Dissipative Systems
11:50-12:15T. Sagawa (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Second Law of Thermodynamics with Discrete Quantum Feedback Control
12:15-12:40T. Oka (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Photo-Induced Hall Effect in Graphene and its Geometric Origin
14:20-15:10M. Murao (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) The Maximally Entangled Multipartite States in terms of the Geometric Measure
15:10-16:00H. Nishimori (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Quantum Annealing
16:00-16:25S. Suzuki (Dept. Phys., Aoyama Gakuin U.) Quantum Annealing by a Quantum Monte-Carlo Method with Cluster Algorithm
16:25-19:00POSTER SESSIONSee below for the authors and titles
19:00-20:30banquet (The fee is about JPY1,000.)
Wednesday, 22 October
9:20-10:10F. Balestro (Néel Inst., CNRS-UJF) Molecular Spintronics
10:10-11:00S. Tarucha (Dept. Applied Phys., U. Tokyo) Detection and Manipulation of Two Spin Qubits with Quantum Dots in a Slanting Zeeman Field
11:00-11:25coffee break
11:25-12:15P. Bertet (SPEC/CEA Saclay) Continuously Monitoring the Quantum Oscillations of an Electrical Circuit
12:15-12:40T. Sakai (SPring-8, Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Elementary Excitations and Dynamics of Nanowire Magnets
14:20-15:10H. Nojiri (Inst. for Materials Research and CINTS, Tohoku U.) Spin Freezing in Spin Polyhedrons
15:10-16:00S. Miyashita (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Quantum Dynamics under Time-Dependent External Field
16:00-S. Miyashita closing