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Oral Presentations

Tuesday, 13 October
9:20-S. Miyashita Opening
9:30-10:10B. Barbara (Néel Institut, CNRS-UJF) New Coherence Effects in Magnetism: Nanometer-Size Qubits and Spin-Orbit Qubits
10:20-11:00N. Hatano (Inst. of Industrial Science, U. Tokyo) Resonant Spectrum Analysis of the Conductance of an Open Quantum System and Three Types of Fano Parameter
11:10-coffee break
11:30-12:10P. Hänggi (University of Augsburg) ac-Driven Atomic Quantum Motor
12:20-12:40M. Ohzeki (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Quantum Annealing with Jarzynski Equality
14:00-14:40J.-P. Cleuziou (Institut Néel, CNRS) Moleculer Spintronics Based on Single-Molecule Nanomagnet Devices
14:50-15:10T. Oka (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Hubbard Model in Strong Electric Fields: Schwinger-Landau-Zener Mechanism and its Many-Body Generalization
15:20-15:40K. Kudo (Ochanomizu University) Control of Bound-Pair Transport by Periodic Driving
15:50-coffee break
16:10-16:50S. Pascazio (Universita di Bari) Quantum Zeno Dynamics and Quantum Zeno Subspaces
17:00-17:40K. Michielsen (Juelich Research Center/University Aachen) Particle-Only Model of Two-Beam Interference and Double-Slit Experiments with Single Photons
17:50-18:10D. Burgarth (Imperial College) Scalable Quantum Computation via Local Control of Only Two Qubits
Wednesday, 14 October
9:30-10:10H. De Raedt (Zernike Inst. for Applied Materials, U. Groningen) Origin of the Canonical Ensemble: Thermalization with Decoherence
10:20-10:40S. Yamamoto (Hokkaido University) Photoinduced Structural Phase Transitions in Polyacene
10:50-coffee break
11:10-11:50Y. Yamamoto (National Institute of Informatics, and Stanford University) Ultrafast Optical Control of Semiconductor Spin Qubits toward Quantum Information Processing Systems
12:00-12:20N. Furukawa (Aoyama-Gakuin University) Real-Time Quantum Dynamics of Interacting Electrons - Self-Organized Nano-Scale Structure in a Spin-Electron Coupled System-
12:30-12:50H. Onishi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Real-Time Dynamics of One-Dimensional Orbital Degenerate Hubbard Model
14:20-15:00S. Tarucha (University of Tokyo) BCS Singlet - Magnetic Doublet Transition and Superconductivity - Kondo Effect Interplay Observed in Semiconductor Quantum Dot Coupled to Superconductor Lead
15:10-15:50D. Vion (Quantronics group, SPEC-CEA Saclay) Demonstration of a High Fidelity Single Shot Readout for a Transmon Josephson Qubit
16:00-coffee break
16:20-17:00Abdufarrukh Abdumalikov (RIKEN) Quantum Optics with Artificial Atom in Open Space
17:10-17:50I. Chiorescu (Florida State University) On-Chip Methods to Study Low Temperature Magnetic and Superconducting Samples
18:00-18:20S. Suzuki (Aoyama-Gakuin University) Quench Dynamics of the Quantum Ising Chain
Thursday, 15 October
9:30-10:10H. Nojiri (Inst. for Materials Research and CINTS, Tohoku U.) Branching of Spin Reversal with Isotropic and Anisotropic Interactions
10:20-10:40C. Uchiyama (University of Yamanashi) A Master Equation Approach to Line Shape in Dissipative Systems
10:50-coffee break
11:10-11:50M. Kitagawa (Osaka University) Precise Control of Radio-Frequency Pulse inside the Resonator for Magnetic Resonance Spin Quantum Computer
12:00-12:20R. Rahimi Darabad (Kinki Univeristy) Time Evolution of Non-Classical Correlated States for an Economical Approach to Quantum Information Processing
12:30-12:50H.-T. Ng (RIKEN) Dynamical Stability of Entanglement between Spin Ensembles in a Dissipative Environment
14:20-15:00M. Ueda (University of Tokyo) Topological Excitations in Spinor-Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates
15:10-15:50Y. Teranishi (National Chiao Tung University) Optimal Conveyance Scheme of Quantum Particles Trapped in a Potential Well
16:00-16:20T. Sagawa (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Minimal Energy Cost for Quantum Information Processing: Measurement and Information Erasure
16:30-POSTER SESSIONSee below for the authors and titles
18:00-Banquet (The fee is about JPY2,000.)
Friday, 16 October
9:30-10:10Y. Takahashi (Dept. Phys., Kyoto U.) Quantum Simulation Using Ytterbium Atoms
10:20-11:00G. Pupillo (University of Innsbruck, and Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information) Many-Body Dynamics without and with Losses Using Cold Atomic Gases
11:10-coffee break
11:30-11:50A. Nishino (Inst. of Industrial Science, U. Tokyo) Analysis of the Nonequilibrium Current in an Open Quantum Dot with Exact Many-Electron Scattering Eigenstates
12:00-12:20S. Tanaka (ISSP, U. Tokyo) Quantum Annealing for Informational Engineering Problems -Clustering and Quantum Bayes Inference-
12:30-13:10S. Miyashita (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Novel Quantum Properties of Systems with Large Total Spin
13:20-H. De Raedt Closing

Poster Presentations

Posters16:30-, Thursday, 15 October
(PS-01)Y. Matsuda (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Ground-State Statistics from Annealing Algorithms: Quantum vs Classical Approaches
(PS-02)K. Yasuda (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) Scaling Law of the Residual Energy in Simulated Annealing
(PS-03)Y. Saika (Wakayama National College of Technology) Spin Wave Theory for Quantum Annealing Using Ferromagnetic Interaction
(PS-04)K. Hijii (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Symmetry for the Nonadiabatic Transition in Floquet States
(PS-05)T. Mori (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) ESR Peak Intensity of Coherent Spin Systems
(PS-06)T. Sakai (Spring8, Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Quantum Phase Transitions of the 3-Leg Spin Tube
(PS-07)T. Sato (ISSP, U. Tokyo) Finite-Temperature Property of an Inhomogeneous Quasi-Two-Dimensional Bose Gas
(PS-08)K. Yamamoto (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) The Dynamical Property of the Supersolid State
(PS-09)T. Sugiyama (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Comparison of Maximum-Likelihood and Linear Reconstruction Schemes in Quantum Measurement Operator Tomography
(PS-10)S. Fujisawa (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo) Ensemble Analysis for Progressive Field Collapses in Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement
(PS-11)T. Monnnai (Waseda University) Quantum Fluctuation Theorem for Locally Monitored Currents
(PS-12)T. Imamura (Inst. of Industrial Science, U. Tokyo) Entanglement Generation through an Open Quantum Dot: an Exact Approach
(PS-13)Y. Ohta (CCSE, JAEA)Holonomic Quantum Computing in a Dimer-chain Model via Ising-type Interaction
(PS-14)T. Fujiwara (Dept. Phys., U. Tokyo)Spin alignment due to quantum charge fluctuation

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