The Third International Workshop on
Dynamics and Manipulation of Quantum Systems

DMQS2010 poster The purpose of the workshop is to explore new aspects of real-time dynamics of quantum systems and more particularly to discuss inner mechanisms associated with different quantum phenomena such as coherence and decoherence in molecules and circuits, manipulation of position and population of levels, quantum dynamics in cooperative systems, novel cooperative phenomena in strongly coupled quantum systems, quantum resonance and transport, quantum annealing, etc... These subjects, at the frontier of the rapidly expanding field of coherent quantum dynamics, will constitute the basis of crucial applications of nanoscale quantum physics and chemistry and quantum information. This workshop is a sequel of DMQS2008, DMQS2009 held in 2008 and 2009, respectively.


We call for papers for short talks and poster presentations in the workshop. Please submit the title and abstract (one page on an A4 paper) of your presentation to the following address.

Invited speakers except for the organizers

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