The Third International Workshop on
Dynamics and Manipulation of Quantum Systems

Oral Presentations

Monday, 14 February The break after each talk is for discussion
9:00- Registration
9:45- Opening Address
9:55- 10:25 H. Nishimori (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Quantum annealing: To be adiabatic or not. That is the question.
10:30- 10:50 M. Ohzeki (Kyoto University) Nonequilibrium work distribution in quantum annealing
10:55- 11:15 S. Suzuki (Aoyama Gakuin University) Non-adiabatic quench dynamics near anisotropic quantum critical point
11:20- 11:40 Coffee Break
11:40- 12:20 P. Young (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz) Efficiency of the Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm
12:30- 12:50 S. Morita (The University of Tokyo) Conveyance of Quantum Particles by an Accelerating Potential-Well
12:55- 14:00 Lunch Restaurant Map (PDF file)
14:00- 14:40 I. Chiorescu (Florida State University) Photon manipulation of spins and sensitive detection by on-chip methods
14:50- 15:20 P. Billangeon (NEC Green Innovation Research Lab.) Towards the implementation of a scalable coupling circuit for superconducting qubits
15:25- 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40- 16:20 A. Dewes (CEA, Saclay) Characterization of a two-transmon iSWAP gate
16:30- 17:00 S. Saitoh (NTT Basic Research Laboratories) Entanglement between Macroscopic Resonator and Microscopic Two Level System through a Flux Qubit
17:05- 17:35 S. Miyashita (The University of Tokyo) Response spectrum of photon-mediated interacting systems
17:40- 18:00 H. Obuse (Kyoto University) Delocalized States and Topological Edge States of Quantum Walks in Random Environments
Tuesday, 15 February
9:00- 9:40 P. Hänggi (University of Augsburg) Hot quantum system meets cold one: The chronicle of mutual equilibration
9:50- 10:10 S. Masuda (Tohoku University) Ideal manipulation of quantum states: Acceleration of quantum adiabatic dynamics
10:15- 10:35 M. Nakahara (Kinki University) Unitary Quantum Error Correction
10:40- 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00- 11:40 H. De Raedt (University of Groningen) Decoherence of Rabi oscillations in diluted paramagnets
11:50- 12:10 Y. Kayanuma (Osaka Prefecture University) Dynamical Transparecy of Tunneling: an Inverse CDT?
12:15- 12:35 T. Oka (The University of Tokyo) Strong Field Physics in a Strongly Correlated System
12:40- 13:00 K. Kudo (Ochanomizu University) Theoretical Analysis of Super Bloch Oscillations
13:05- 14:10 Lunch Restaurant Map (PDF file)
14:10- 14:40 K. Ohmori (Institute for Molecular Science) Ultrafast Fourier Transform with a Femtosecond-Laser-Driven Molecule
14:45- 15:15 K. Mishima (The University of Tokyo) Quantum Computing and Entanglement Generation using Intramolecular Degrees of Freedom: Towards Cold Molecular Quantum Computation
15:20- 15:40 K. Saito (The University of Tokyo) Additivity principle in high-dimensional harmonic lattices
15:45- 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00- 16:40 K. Michielsen (Jülich Supercomputing Center) Proposal for an interference experiment to test the applicability of quantum theory to event-based processes
16:50- 17:10 S. Yamamoto (Hokkaido University) Photomagnetism in a dicopper octacyanomolybdate
17:15- 17:35 M. Suzuki (Tokyo University of Science) Irreversibility and Entropy Production in Transport Phenomena
17:40- 19:00 Poster Session See below for the authors and titles
19:00- Banquet The fee is about JPY2,000.
Wednesday, 16 February
9:00- 9:30 S. Tarucha (The University of Tokyo) Flying Charge Qubit using Dynamic Phase Control in a Coupled Quantum Wire
9:35- 9:55 A. Nishino (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) Exact many-electron scattering eigenstates in open quantum dot systems and their applications
10:00- 10:30 N. Hatano (The University of Tokyo) Resonances of Open Quantum Systems
10:35- 10:50 Coffee Break
10:50- 11:30 V. Bouchiat (CNRS, Grenoble) Quantum transport in metal doped graphene devices
11:40- 12:10 H. Nojiri (IMR, Tohoku University) Spin Freezing in Keplerate Clusters
12:15- 12:35 K. Hijii (The University of Tokyo) An additional SU(2) symmetry of the one-dimensional spin-1 BQ model with single ion anisotropy
12:40- 13:00 T. Sakai (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Quantum Spin Dynamics of the Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnets
11:20- 13:20 Lunch Restaurant Map (PDF file)
14:00- 14:20 H. Hayakawa (Kyoto University) Fluctuation theorem and generalized Green-Kubo formula for quantum dissipative systems
14:25- 14:50 B. Barbara (Institute Néel, CNRS, Grenoble) "Driven decoherence" in different types of magnetic systems
15:40- 15:50 Closing

Poster Presentations

17:15-18:50, Tuesday, 15 February
PS-01 S. Ashhab (Riken) Landau-Zener-Stückelberg interferometry
PS-02 T. Fujiwara (The University of Tokyo) Ordering process in a quantum spin system with electron transfer
PS-03 N. Hirayama (The University of Tokyo) Current-Induced Cooling Phenomenon in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas under a Magnetic Field
PS-04 S. Kamatsuka (The University of Tokyo) Magnetic order of the Heisenberg ferromagnetic model with dipole-dipole interactions on the sphere
PS-05 H. Katsuda (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Jarzynski Equality for an Energy-Controlled System
PS-06 T. Kawamoto (The University of Tokyo) A test of thermodynamic quantities in terms of quantum master equations
PS-07 S. Kokado (Shizuoka University) Spin-Atomic Vibration Interaction and Spin-Flip Hamiltonian of A Single Atomic Spin in A Crystal Field
PS-08 T. Kuwahara (The University of Tokyo) Maximization of thermal entanglement of arbitrarily interacting two qubits
PS-09 C. Matsui (The University of Tokyo) The ground state of the integrable spin-s XXZ spin chain with boundaries
PS-10 T. Mori (The University of Tokyo) Inhomogeneous States in Long-Range Interacting Systems
PS-11 T. Nakada (The University of Tokyo) Two-body interaction model for elastic interaction of lattice distortion
PS-12 Y. Nakata (The University of Tokyo) How effectively can Hamiltonian dynamics with multi-body interaction generate random states?
PS-13 S. Nakayama (The University of Tokyo) Quantum circuit model of dissipative qubit dynamics leading canonical distribution
PS-14 H. Onishi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Wavepacket dynamics in one-dimensional extended Hubbard model
PS-15 I. Sato (The University of Tokyo) Quantum Annealing for Variational Bayes Inference
PS-16 Y. Shikano (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Hamiltonian Evaluation by Weak Measurement Scheme
PS-17 H. Tajima (The University of Tokyo) Deterministic LOCC transformation of three-qubit pure states
PS-18 R. Tamura (The University of Tokyo) Quantum Fluctuation and Invisible Fluctuation on the Potts Model - Application for Quantum Annealing -
PS-19 S. Tanaka (Kinki University) Entanglement Entropy in Valence-Bond-Solid States on Symmetric Graphs
PS-20 M. Tashima (Waseda University) Multifractal Wave Functions of a System with a Monofractal Energy Spectrum
PS-21 N. Tsuji (The The University of Tokyo) Dynamical control of many-body interactions in lattice fermion systems driven by ac fields
PS-22 N. Yamada (Osaka Prefecture University) Drastic Dependence of Unstable State on a Time-Periodic Externa Field: Complex Eigenvalue of Floquet Hamiltonian
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